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Mercredi je vais passer mon oral du parcours avenir. et j'ai choisi de faire la moitié en anglais. est-ce que vous pourriez me le corriger svp. d'avantage.

when i was younger, i asked myself several times "what i would like to be". it is a question that we all ask ourselves, and it is a little complicated to answer it. at least in my case. i have never been sure of what i would like to be. at first i thought i would be a teacher, then i changed to a lawyer and then to heardresses, and like that for years and years. but now i have a clear idea. i want to be a doctor. for now i aspire to specialize in pediatrics. but i am not totally sure. i only know that medicine is what interests me. for me, it's more than knowing medicine, it's a commitment to people's health. and being able to help or even save someone's life is something really special that i wish could do.

to start preparing myself, i decided to do latin. several people told me that latin can help me with medicine. especially to memorize drugs or even organs that in anatomy have latin names. and in addition latin is a kind of mental gymnastics that develops the capabilities of the brain and, medical studies require a lot. so, i decided to take advantage of this advantage.

apart from latin, next year i want a european english section at st marie high school. i want to reinforce my english learning and also develop my knowledge of history and culture. this year i didn't do european english because i didn't know the existence of this option. at the open doors at st marie and reaunaudeau high schools i discovered it. and i was very interested. because in the 7th, when i still lived in spain i had the opportunity to participate in the project "clil" (content and language integrated learning), that has the fundamental objective of improving the communication skills in english of students. but unfortunately, as i had to move to france, i couldn't continue in this project. and i know, with this section i can still improve my level in english.

and knowing how to speak english is a major asset in many professions, including the health sector. doctors are and will always be confronted with situations where one has to master english. for example, it is important for the care of a non-french speaking patient. and also english is essential for a better integration in the world of today, and especially for tomorrow.

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Mercredi je vais passer mon oral du parcours avenir. et j'ai choisi de faire la moitié en anglais. e...

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